Dave one very special, unique and inspirational cowboy! Dave has given me direction and clarity in my training. When i first met Dave i was ready to give up riding, i was scared, and felt i wasn't a good enough rider and had failed my horse. Dave has given me more confidence and strength to continue on my journey.
Dave has given me back the passion to achieve and to compete again. He has pushed me to achieve what i didn't believe i had the courage to do. He has allowed me to travel at my own pace and taught me to do it for me and Ari, no one else.
Dave you have inspired me to be a better person and trainer. I believe the song "Always stay humble and kind" is written about you. Your integrity and passion is humbling, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me – Sharon Klein

David is a great all round horseman . Even though we specialize in Dressage horses, there have been many occasions where we have had to call up David for help. His calm and professional manner in handling young horses, gives them much confidence and a great start to their lives.

I would never hesitate in recommending David to help with any behavioural problems encountered, no matter which discipline you are involved with .

Cheers Mary Hanna
David Simons blew my mind when I was lucky enough to book into his 2 day clinic in Perth.... I went in with no idea what would happen but I just knew it would be amazing and he did not disappoint!!

He taught me so much about my training and horses, keeping them accountable for what I was asking them and my horse was totally different by the end of the 2 days.... I went home with the biggest smile on my face and could not wait for the chance to train with him again! If anyone has the chance to book in with David I would say GO FOR IT and soak up everything this man has to offer!! – Ashlea Jay

David has shown me how effective consistency and calmness are with any horse. His calm manner a reminder that the horse is not trying to offend me and that I should not be offended by the horse. He has taught me compassion for a horses perspective without putting myself in a dangerous position. Thank you David – Lisa Stewart.